Introducing Crew Rewards!

Crew Kids wants to show our customers just how much we appreciate them! Nothing makes us happier than seeing a child smile when wearing one of our pieces from our latest collection. Now we want to give the parents something to smile about too!

Our Crew rewards program is a fun way to earn points with us that will in return give you savings on future purchases. How to start earning points with us is easy and simple. 

Here's how to earn points with us:

  1. Create a Crew account with us. By creating an account with us, you will automatically receive 20 points!
  2. Follow us on Instagram and receive 20 points!
  3. For every $1 you spend with us (on our website only), you will receive 10 points! Once you reach a grand total of 1000 points, you will receive a $10 discount code to use on your next purchase. Woohoo - go you!
  4. You can also save your points and cash them in for a $50 gift card once you reach 5000 points!

Please note, anytime you place an order with us, your points will appear as pending for one week. If you return items from your order within our return policy of 7 days, you will not receive points for the items you return. If you do not return any items within the 7 days, your points for the items in that order will be approved! See our return policy here

For any questions or help with our rewards program, please email us at

Happy Shopping!